MESHWAR : A carousel ride through time

Once upon a couple of years, I spotted a group of friends ready to experiment with freedom of expression through their own artistic dimensions. The first show lead to 3 others and an EP entitled “Meshwar”. After reminiscing through the footages a year later, I invited them to share their experience with Flugen and their journeys all together.

“MESHWAR: A carousel ride through time “
Filming and editing by Miriam Mattouk
Music and sound design by Flugen  

Pilot Episode

EPISODE 1 || Alex, The Dream Man ||

EPISODE 2 || Pol, The Clarinet ||

EPISODE 3 || Miriam, The Goddess of Love ||

EPISODE 4 || Frida, The Goddess of Magic ||

EPISODE 5 || Monà, the Majestic Owl ||

EPISODE 6 || Maria, the Goddess of Fire ||

EPISODE 7 || Melissa, the Lost Fairy ||

EPISODE 8 || Tonez, the Conscience ||

EPISODE 9 || Georges, Pillar I ||

FINAL EPISODE || Wafaa', Pillar II ||